Keep your equipment clean and running strong with BMB Filtration. Regardless of the industry you’re in or the size of your facility, we have the filters you need to keep your entire operation moving.

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Commercial Filtration Solutions

Using clean filters makes for a smarter, more efficient process. After all, you wouldn’t mow your lawn and get all sweaty, then head inside to change for a fancy dinner without taking a shower first, would you? 

The cleaner your commercial space is, the better for everyone involved. Unusual odors or VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can be of concern to people in shared spaces. With proper filtration, you can keep your air and your equipment clean,  creating a better environment for everyone.

Commercial Spaces We Support

  • Restaurants
  • School boards
  • Government buildings
  • High rises
  • Hospitals
  • ...and more.

Industrial Filtration Solutions

Relying on expired industrial filters can slow down—or even shut down—production.

A clogged filter can bring your manufacturing plant’s production schedule to a grinding halt. Our goal is to help your business run more efficiently by streamlining the entire process. From water filters to hydraulics, we have high-quality products and the industry-specific knowledge you need to get operations back on track.

At BMB Filtration, we’re more than just a “filter warehouse.” We offer advice to improve your operations, source your part, and solve your problem.

Industrial Spaces We Support

  • Automotive
  • Steel and metal
  • Food production
  • Paper and textile
  • Chemical and power
  • ...and more.
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Our Filtration Solutions

BMB Filtration distributes, designs, and provides filtration solutions of all types. Choose from these solutions to keep your operation up and running.

  • Oil and Hydraulics

Without the right oil or hydraulics filter, machinery can overheat and break down. We can help you determine the oil filters you need to keep your equipment running smoothly.

Choose our oil and hydraulic filters to:

  • Protect your equipment from water or dirt contamination
  • Keep the bearings and equipment running properly
  • Prevent clogs throughout the system
  • Stop machinery from overheating
  • Dust Collection

Dust and fumes can ruin the end-result of your product and disrupt your entire work environment. Our dust collection filters will protect your inventory while keeping by-products at bay.

Choose dust collection filters to:

  • Remove dust and fumes from your workspace
  • Assure you produce uncontaminated inventory
  • Create a cleaner work environment for your team
  • Prevent accidents caused by dust or fume buildup
  • Water

Choosing the right water filter depends on how clean you want your water. Our water filters can strip out chemicals and contaminants to meet the efficiency levels you need.

Choose our water filters to:

  • Improve the cleanliness of your water
  • Strip out contaminants such as fluoride and chlorine
  • Assure products meet proper safety standards
  • Establish a distillation or reverse osmosis process
  • HVAC

We care about your company, and we care about your people. The right HVAC filters can both protect your equipment and improve working conditions for your building.

Choose our HVAC filters to:

  • Minimize moisture in the air
  • Produce cleaner air for your building
  • Optimize workspace cooling
  • Improve your HVAC system’s efficiency
  • Paint Intake and Overspray

Letting paint fly free in your workspace can ruin your product, waste paint, and cause potential fines. With our paint intake and overspray filters, you can reduce waste and save money in the process.

Choose these filters to:

  • Reclaim powder paint
  • Cut back potential product waste
  • Prevent wasted paint
  • Streamline the paint collection process
  • Cleanroom

Server farms, hospital operating rooms, and pharmaceutical plants all need high-purity air. Our intake filters keep debris out and environments clean.

Choose our cleanroom filters to:

  • Sterilize the air of contaminants or debris
  • Prevent contamination
  • Avoid wasting costly ingredients or materials
  • Minimize operational costs
  • Gas-Phase

Wait, what’s that smell? The best way to tell that gas-phase filters are full is with your nose! With our gas-phase filters, you can catch VOCs before they fill up the air in a room.

Choose our gas-phase filters to:

  • Absorb or adsorb odors with high-quality carbon filters
  • Capture pollutants before buildup occurs
  • Remove chemicals and gaseous contaminants
  • Create a safer environment with high-purity air
  • Compressed Air

If water, oil, or dirt is ejecting from your spray gun or into your machinery, you have a problem. Our compressed air filtration can limit moisture content and particulates in the air.

Choose our compressed air filters to:

  • Remove water, oil, and other contaminants
  • Prevent fisheye cratering from ruining paint jobs
  • Assure quality control to avoid costly mistakes
  • Limit downtime caused by maintenance issues
  • Chemical

Skipping the thought process behind chemical filtration is like trying to filter gas through a Styrofoam cup. We’ll help you find the right filters before chemicals eat at your production schedule. 

Choose our chemical filters to:

  • Assure quality control
  • Confirm filter material and chemical compatibility
  • Remove contaminants
  • Eliminate damaging corrosive materials

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